Expedition Cruises in the Southern Ocean below New Zealand

Sir Douglas Mawson was an early explorer to the Antarctic, most noted for his scientific work there. Now you have the chance to follow his journeys on a 28 day expedition cruise that leaves from Tasmania, Australia and ends at Bluff, New Zealand.

The 2017 expedition came within 0.4 of a nautical mile of Mawson’s hut. This year we will draw on Mawson’s spirit of adventure and head south again, determined to reach the hut that was just out of grasp last year due to excessive ice conditions. Itinerary amendments have been made to maximise chances of success this time round, departing 5 days earlier than last year, and extending the itinerary to 28 days in order to increase the chances of reaching the Hut.

Mawson's Hut at Cape Denison still stands; protected against the extreme weather for which the region is renowned. As the ice conditions in the area are slowly changing for the better, chances are reaching Mawson's hut improve. 
- Extended itinerary to include extra days in Commonwealth Bay
- Earlier departure date, providing the greatest chance of reaching Mawson’s Hut.
- Departs from Hobart
- Two days in Australia’s icy outback, Macquarie Island.
- Explore the New Zealand Subantarctic Islands
- Nine Days in Commonwealth Bay and surrounding area
- Potential to visit Dumont D’Urville Research base
-Antarctic wildlife abounds – whales, seals, Adelie Penguins and even Emperor Penguins call East Antarctica home

This is a fabulous opportunity to explore deep into the Southern Ocean.

• Visit The Snares islands and encounter Snares Crested Penguins, Cape Petrel and Buller’s Albatross on the imposing cliffs

• Spend the day ashore on Enderby Island, where we find parakeets and the rare Hooker’s or New Zealand Sea Lion

• Land on the remote East Antarctic coastline, on Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay. Notoriously known as the ‘home of the blizzard.’ Here we will see (and experience) Mawson’s Hut 

• Get your first experience of a noisy ‘penguin city’, where you will be immersed in a tumult of chattering, feeding chicks; territorial disputes; petty pilfering and courtship displays

This cruise leaves on 10 December 2018 and spaces are limited.

SPECIAL OFFER DETAILS: $1500 Discount for new bookings made before 30 June.

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